Hello and thank you for taking the time to read about myself! My name is Garrett James Bates and I am a first year student in the faculty of education. My major is English and my minor is in Social Studies. I have lived in 3 different provinces over my lifetime of 19 years. I was born in Saskatoon and lived within Saskatchewan until I was 9 years old. As to be expected as the son of a police officer, my family and I moved far away to British Columbia. We lived there until I was 12 and then we all moved to my parents’ home province of Nova Scotia. I lived there until the completion of high school and then decided to return to Saskatchewan to attend the University of Regina.

I have come to the U of R for a number of reasons, the first and foremost being that I can complete an education degree in four years here, while it takes 6 years in Nova Scotia. I was also interested in gaining new perspectives on life, so I decided to remove myself from The Maritimes and return to the Prairies.

I have known I wanted to be a teacher since I was very young. I distinctly remember that when I was eight years old I told my cousin I wanted to be a teacher. He poked fun at me for being a nerd, but my ambition was not destroyed by his mocking. Fast forward to my English class in grade 11. My English teacher was a very intelligent and interesting man. He reinvigorated my conviction to become a teacher and I have since put myself on that path.

Formerly, I was a life guard and swim instructor. These two jobs taught me what you can attain through hard work and dedication. It was during this time that I discovered my passion for teaching and setting examples for the youth. After coming to the realization that I loved teaching kids new things, but did not enjoy being a life guard, I decided to quit my job. I miss the feeling of successfully teaching students new information, and since then my passion has never wavered.

My interests include science fiction films, video games, reading, writing, travelling and Japanese culture. I have been studying the Japanese language since February of 2015 and have grasped a fair portion of the language since. My first goal when teaching is going to be going to an Eastern/Southeastern Asian country to teach English abroad. My hope would be to join the JET Program and teach English in Japan, but China, Thailand, Korea or anywhere else in that area would be fine too. After I have done that for a number of years, I am hoping I will have enough money to return to Nova Scotia and work as a substitute until I get the right certifications to teach full time. As stated above, it takes six years to complete an education degree and that is because a bachelor of arts is also needed. Once I obtain my bachelor of arts, I plan on teaching in Nova Scotia until I retire!


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