Twitter Chat Experience

This week we were tasked with participating in a Twitter chat! I have never attempted to participate in one before this class, as I did not know they existed! I was, and in some regards still am, confused about how they worked. On February 4th I put a question into the #engchat (which is an English teachers chat), which was “How do you get students invested in books?” I didn’t expect an answer because it seemed as though no one was participating, but instead I got a really good answer:

“Read to them. High interest, higher than their level books. Relate the characters to their lives. Put them in the story, “What would you do?” Leave them hanging in critical situations, change the story and add suspense. Let them love a story without doing the work themselves.”

I think his suggestions are really strong, as relating stories to peoples real lives is absolutely critical when teaching a novel. His idea of “What would you do?” being the most important of them all. When we can engage students and get them to relate stories to their own lives, a sort of bond is created with the novel without them having to force themselves into liking the book. I subscribe to the belief that people generally want to talk about themselves, so when a novel study can be a gateway to that, it will turn out really well!

Twitter chat is extremely interesting and can be a great avenue for teachers to connect to other teachers! Thanks for reading my blog once again.

  • Garrett J. Bates

2 thoughts on “Twitter Chat Experience

  1. I too am exploring twitter chats for the first time, although I didn’t have as much a a great experience as you did. I tried three chats last week and the only one to actually do anything was the #saskedchat I’ve even looked up what times they should be running, I’m not sure. #saskedchat is a great on though, I had a good time last week. I asked some EDTC400 peers about it and one response i got was to join many chats as often one can be a flop and leave you disappointed. I’m glad that your chat is working out so great though.


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