Japanese Skill Blog #2

This week was quite interesting in regards to my chosen skill. After a long time running, I am getting closer to my overarching goals of teaching English in Japan.

Early on in the week, I practiced my Japanese by using my old Rosetta Stone subscription I got before I even came to university! I haven’t been on it in a long time so it was interesting to return to it. I relearned words I had forgotten long ago, such as colour words, food words and occupational words.

I have the hiragana spelling on the left, the “romaji” translation (how it sounds when read in English characters) and then the translation.

くろ (kuro) = black

しろ (shiro) = white

あか (aka) = red

あお (ao) = blue

きいろ (kiiro) = yellow

みどり (midori) = green

たまご (tamago) = egg

りんご (ringo) = apple

いしゃ (isha) = doctor or physician

けいさつかん (keisatsukan) = policeman

While I remembered a lot of these words very quickly, it helps to go back to the basics and relearn the fundamentals. Here is what Rosetta Stone looks like when it is teaching you:

rosetta stone picture

This is only one example of the many different ways it will teach you. In this one, it is showing several pictures and it asks you to match up the words. The word at the top says “kuro”, or “black”. Therefore I would have to click on the black square and it would tell me I got it correct. If I selected the wrong square, it would tell me I got it wrong.

On a different note, another Japanese related thing I did this week was drive up to Calgary to get interviewed at the Consulate-General of Japan! I applied to work for the Japanese government under the “JET Programme”, which stands for “Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme”. It is an exchange program that would put me somewhere in Japan to become an assistant language instructor, where I would help out the resident English teacher. I would basically be a consultant to make sure he/she is teaching English correctly, and eventually teach lessons myself.

I won’t find out how my interview went for another couple months, but even if I do not get selected, it was a really cool experience and I am thankful to the program for even asking me to come for the interview in the first place!

Thanks for reading this week.

  • Garrett J. Bates



4 thoughts on “Japanese Skill Blog #2

  1. That is AWESOME!! I wish i could speak another language, I feel that it opens so many doors for the future. Great work with Rosetta Stone, I should get into that to learn a new language. Babbel is another great app that friends of mine have used to learn German if you want another source to help. It might also be worth talking to some students on campus to practice having a converstaion when you get to that point in your skill.
    Good work Garrett, I look forward to reading more of your adventure

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  2. Garrett, this is such an interesting skill, it’s obvious that you have a passion for learning Japanese! Using the Rosetta Stone app sounds awesome, how are you liking it?

    Also, good luck on the job interview front!

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    1. The Rosetta Stone app is good and bad. It’s good because it really makes you think, but if you get lost and don’t understand what is happening, there is no readily available translations. It relies a little too much on you being able to intuitively figure out what they are showing you. However, making you think is never a bad thing!


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