Feedly Is Neat!

Today I signed up with a website called “Feedly”. Feedly is an RSS reader that I will use to follow multiple education websites, such as “Education Week” and “NYT Education”. This is useful because it allows me to keep track of different opinions and articles on the education topic. It is a one-stop shop for all my daily educational news. It is quite neat!

The process of me choosing my blogs/websites is quite simple, I just typed in “education” in the search bar and chose blogs/websites that I had heard about before. Doing it in this fashion is nice because when you choose a blog/website, Feedly suggests some other blogs/websites to follow as well. Therefore I chose the ones I had heard about and followed some of the ones it suggested.

The blog I like the best is the one I mentioned earlier: “Education Week”. They post about 90 articles per week and cover a wide range of topics. They talk about current education news, such as recent developments or tragedies, as well as suggesting showing new studies in relation to education. I find this helpful because I am never in the same mood to read about one topic. Anytime I sit down on my computer, I am always interested in reading different topics! For example:

feedly news feed picture

You can see on just the posts from today for “Education Week”, they cover a wide range of topics. From talking about child abuse hotline posters, to American senators backing new laws in relation to recent tragedies, they talk about a lot! Not only does this help me keep up to date on the news, but also informs me of things I would never of learned otherwise!

I’m still pretty new to Feedly so I imagine I will find more blogs/websites to help me in my development, but I’m finding it pretty awesome so far!

  • Garrett J. Bates

2 thoughts on “Feedly Is Neat!

  1. I was curious about “NYT Education” as well, but I haven’t really looked at it yet. It helps to see classmates enjoying certain feeds, as it helps me to narrow down the huge list of possibilities.


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