Educational Tech Blog Post #1

Hello, my name is Garrett James Bates and this is my first blog post for EDTC 300! I am from Nova Scotia and moved to Regina for my university career. I am in my fourth year with an English major with a Social Studies minor.

I have thought long and hard about the place for technology in the classroom. On one hand, it is very fitting and only enhances much of the learning process. On the other hand, it is the most easily exploitable aspect of the classroom. Whenever students are on computers, the irresistible urge to play games or to goof around becomes almost too hard to resist. I know this because of my experiences in internship, but also because I was high school student only 4 years ago! If I, a person who wants to become a teacher, can hardly resist the urge to exploit computers, then I can hardly expect a student to be any different.

However, that is not to say that computers are the only technology available. In fact, I think computers (specifically computer labs) are the only technology that I am at odds with. I use plenty of slideshows, videos, and other such materials to enhance my lessons. One thing not often mentioned when it comes to things like videos, or Kahoot, or anything of the sort, is that it breaks up the pace of the class. There is nothing like sitting through a thirty minute lecture, only to be greeted with a Kahoot at the end. Students will often forgive your lengthy lecture to get the opportunity to prove themselves in a Kahoot! Many studies also promote Kahoot as a great way to increase student motivation, such as this one: Case study on the gamification approach.


Photo Credit: Luigi Mengato Flickr via Compfight cc

On a different note, we were asked to give our opinion on blogging as an activity. I think it is for some people and not for others. I tend to lean into the position of it being a chore. However, I always enjoy the opportunity to rant and give opinions, therefore it isn’t all bad. Honestly, I’d rather be writing creatively than about myself. One of my favorite hobbies is to compose story ideas and create these elaborate worlds with many factions vying for control over something. Perhaps one day I’ll be asked to write a blog on that! As is, blogging is just alright my book.

Thank you for reading.

  • Garrett J. Bates

4 thoughts on “Educational Tech Blog Post #1

  1. Wow, amazing post!! I agree it’s hard to expect students to do the things that even we couldn’t do as students. I think there’s a level of respect that needs to be in place when using tech in the classroom.


  2. Hey Garrett!
    I have been to Nova Scotia a few times during the summer on vacation, but it must be a totally different experience to grow up there!
    Educational technology has so many pros and cons and I think as teachers we must find the balance between having enough technology in the classroom that it enhances student’s understand, but not too much that it becomes distracting.
    I tend to lean in the same direction as you do with blogging. I don’t mind it, but it is not my favourite thing to do. Hopefully as you get close to finishing EDTC 300 you will find a bit more enjoyment with blogging!
    – Ashley


  3. Hi Garrett, it is nice to meet you! I am Justine Garrett, I am not much of an avid blogger, so I understand how you feel there. However, your site is remarkable compared to my own. I enjoy the colours and your widget pictures on the sides add a great personal touch. I am majoring in elementary education, and also having done my internship, know that urge for students to be playing games while on the computer is huge and causes many delays during class. What are some strategies you use when this happens? Do you know of any ways to block games from student tablets or laptops during class activities?


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