I believe that all children have the right to a fair and equal education.

I believe that teachers are a symbol of professionalism.

I believe that respect is only earned when respect is first given.

I believe that school is a safe haven for any child, regardless of gender, sexuality, class or identity.

I believe that students should get a say in how they learn.

I believe that having an inclusive classroom does not mean lowering standards.

I believe that a good school system is essential for any society.

Along with my “I believe” statements, I also wish to offer some resources that have helped me in the past!

With the Canadian government accepting in refugees from the crisis in Syria, there creates a dire need for refugee support systems in the class. This website offers some ideas: classroom supports for teaching refugees

Some solid ideas/information for new and aspiring teachers: managing a classroom

An interesting article that outlines 5 English teaching methods: 5 English teaching methods